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Lamborn to CPAC: Future of Our Nation Hangs in the Balance


Location: Unknown

Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Denver today. The regional conference was sponsored by the American Conservative Union Foundation and brought together some of the nation's most prominent conservative leaders, including Governor Mitt Romney, who made a surprise appearance, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Senator Marco Rubio.

Lamborn drew parallels between this presidential election and the 1980 race between President Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Highlights of Congressman Lamborn's speech:

There are eerie parallels between this year's election and 1980, the last time an incumbent Democrat President was so threatened.

Jimmy Carter was widely viewed as having failed on both the domestic front, with raging inflation and energy shortages, and on the foreign front, with the Soviet Union literally on the march in Afghanistan, and with Americans held hostage in our own embassy in Tehran.

Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter have a lot in common domestically, as well. Look at the crummy economy. Remember the question Ronald Reagan asked while campaigning--"Are you better off now than four years ago?"

Here in Colorado, a battleground state, unemployment is now above the national average for the first time in nearly seven years. In my own district, Colorado Springs has seen unemployment go up for five straight months, to almost ten percent.

Who in their right mind thinks that they're better off now than four years ago? And how in the world can any rational person think that four more years of the same will produce a different result?

This is why Barack Obama, like Jimmy Carter before him, is trying to divert attention from his sorry record by painting his opponent as an out-of-touch extremist.

Under Barack Obama gasoline prices have more than doubled from when he took office. Although gas can be had today, the high price lowers the standard of living for working families.

While the President and his subordinates claim that energy production is up, they disingenuously omit to say that while energy production on private lands is up, on public lands, where they call the shots, it is down.

Here's the most critical parallel between today and 1980. Even though the press did everything they could to prop up Jimmy Carter, and liberals reviled Ronald Reagan, conservatism prevailed. As late as October 26, Reagan trailed Carter in the polls by 8 percentage points, yet he won by 10 percentage points.

The die is not yet cast. History is not yet written. This election is very much in our hands.

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