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Issue Position: Spending Term Limits

Issue Position

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Low spending is the critical path to a low tax burden. Reducing and cutting spending is necessary.

We cannot and should not continue to fund agencies and programs that are not clearly within the responsibility of State government. If a program is not a clear responsibility then legislators must cut or work to sunset the program.
We must work to reduce spending within the role of government. Legislators must work towards program efficiency and consolidation of departments and agencies. We cannot afford redundant programs, overlapping agencies, and overstaffed departments.
By cutting out of the budget current programs that are not the responsibility of the State and streamlining required government programs we can reduce the tax burden in North Carolina. Tax reduction is the catalyst for job creation and economic growth.

Term Limits

Legislators at all levels of government need to respect the office they hold. One major form of disrespect is making a career out of an elected position. Despite being elected by the people, it is widely known that incumbent legislators hold a major advantage over other candidates during an election. A majority of the time, it takes a candidate of the people numerous runs and years of weakening to gain the required ground to take back a seat from a career politician. Due to this truth and out of respect of the seat, I personally commit to a limit on my term if elected to the State House.

Pledge: I, Chris Millis, if elected to the State House to represent the 16th District, pledge that I will hold that seat for no more than 4 terms or 8 years. Upon which I will return the seat back to the citizens of the 16th District for the promotion of new ideas, accountability, and respect for the office.

It is imperative, to the protection of our sovereignty and the promotion of limited government, to support candidates for office who pledge to a limit on their term and who support legislation for term limits. Term limits is not an attack on good, effective legislators, but a promotion of better government. For term limits will level the playing field for good leadership to emerge, and allow a rotation of individuals within the legislator who are in touch with the people and not entrenched into a political vacuum. We truly need Patriots and not Politicians…term limits will allow the Patriot to prosper and the Politician to suffer.

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