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Dothan First -Retired Veterans Concerned about Looming Defense Cuts

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Nearly $500 billion has already been cut from the defense budget and more cuts could be on the way. Retired military and federal workers are worried the cuts could directly affect them. They voiced their concerns Wednesday during a meeting with U.S. Representative Martha Roby.

Lee O' Berry is one of many retired veterans who are concerned about looming defense cuts. O'Berry said the cuts will not only affect those on active duty, retired military.

O' Berry said, "I'm a combat veteran from the military who knows if I'm going to be cut or not from my retirement pay,"said Lee O'Berry. He was among those who attended a meeting of the National Active and Retired Employees in Enterprise.

The 2011 Budget Control Act requires $1.2 trillion in lowered spending - half of which will come from the defense budget. Lawmakers have until the end of the year to reach a deal that would stop a sequester. If the deal isn't reached that means more cuts to the Department of Defense. Roby said Congress needs to find another place to cut.

"We have to legislate around the sequester. The House of Representatives have already provided that solution through the budget reconciliation process. The Senate has yet to pass a budget in three years so we're not getting any help from them right now," explained Roby.

If Congress doesn't identify spending reductions the Department of Defense is looking at a half-trillion dollars in cuts over the next ten years.

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