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Issue Position: Education

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One third of our students do not graduate from high school. Of those who do graduate, many are not proficient enough in math and English to begin college without first taking remedial courses in these subjects. Many of our graduating students know less about their Country, its history, how the government is structured, and how they are the caretakers of their liberties. Many do not know how to balance a checkbook, figure out their change on a purchase, and other mundane things that every adult citizen should know.

These problems are not the result of a lack of funding for the school systems, they are a result of a lack of focus on the core curriculum necessary to turn out productive, knowledgeable citizens. Our school systems are run by a State bureaucracy which mandates a curriculum which is not adequate for the needs of a global economic system.

· The school systems should be run locally, with minimal input from the State
Our schools need to return to a core curriculum of reading, writing, math and science and American history and government (civics).

School vouchers should be given to parents to allow them to decide where their children are educated. This will increase competition for students in the public schools as well, and the quality of education will improve as a result (this is proven in those states where vouchers are being used).

Now that the cap on Charter Schools has been removed, the authority of the State Board of Education over these schools should be minimal. Initiative and ingenuity are the hallmarks of Charter Schools, and these traits should not be stifled by the SBOE as they have been in our Public Schools.

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