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My Priority is Jobs


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By any rational measure, it's crystal clear we're in the middle of a jobs crisis.
23 million Americans struggling for work is a number that is impossible to ignore. Yet, President Obama says his economic plan has "worked."

How can he fix a problem if he won't own up to the truth?

The sad reality is, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost since President Obama took office -- and more will be jeopardized by his tidal wave of regulations and tax hikes. We can't afford four more years of the president's muddled vision.

My priority is jobs. And from day one of my presidency, I will lead us out of this crisis. My plan to strengthen the middle class will create 12 million jobs, and ensure more take-home pay and better opportunities for all Americans.

November 6th offers us a clear choice: four more years of President Obama's imaginary recovery -- or determined Republican leadership that will put us on the path to a real recovery.

Make the clear choice and help us get America back to work -- donate today.

Thank you,

Mitt Romney

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