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Issue Position: Health Care For All Minnesotans

Issue Position

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I support the provisions in the Affordable Care Act. There will be much to do in the next few years to implement health care reform in a way that works for all Minnesotans. A high-quality health care system that provides quality care for all of us is good for our health and Minnesota's economy. A good health care system is one of the building blocks that will help us attract businesses and increase jobs.

I also promote saving Medicare. Republicans are following Paul Ryan's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system that would require seniors to buy their own insurance from an approved list. It is estimated that this plan could raise a senior's out-of-pocket expense for health care as much as $6000. Many seniors will end up uninsured, which will drastically increase the use of emergency rooms and the cost of everyone's health care. It all has to be paid for somehow.

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