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ALL people are created equal. No person, regardless of economic status, race, creed, ethnicity, handicap, sexual preference or gender shall be treated with any less respect than any other. All rights and freedoms enjoyed by the majority must not be limited in any way to any individual.

ALL people of legal age must be allowed the opportunity to exercise their right to vote without restrictions being placed in their path.

ALL children deserve an education that prepares them for the ever changing world and the funding for the operation of their schools shall never be withheld in order to balance the state budget. Their future must never be denied in order to pay for our past.

ALL women deserve the right to decide what is best in regards to their own health and physical well-being.

ALL unions deserve the right to represent their members without the constant fear of legislation aimed at threatening their existence.

All persons earning a living wage will pay their fair share of taxes. The wealthiest members of our state should be required to pay a tax comparable to that of the middle class. We cannot continue to heap the tax burden on the shoulders of the ever-shrinking middle class. Nor can we continue to balance budgets through methodically reducing aid and assistance to our most vulnerable individuals.


Work toward all that I believe and continue to remain focused on the thoughts and opinions of all persons in Senate District 28.


We will bring open mindedness and common sense back to St. Paul.

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