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Governor Daniels' Statement About the Hoosier Lottery


Location: Unknown

Here is a statement from Governor Daniels about the Hoosier Lottery Commission's decision to contract for additional services:

"In eight years, this may be the easiest and most obvious decision the state has had to make. Our lottery revenues lag far behind most states. With this contract, the only question is how much more money Indiana will receive than under the current system. The simple step of moving the Hoosier Lottery from 88 percent to 95 percent contracted activity assures significantly stronger future net income. For the Commission not to move forward would be a violation of their legal duty to maximize that income."

"It's no longer my job to suggest how these additional state funds should be used, but it is my job to leave Indiana in the strongest possible financial shape, and this step will make the nation's most solid state fiscal position that much stronger."

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