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Issue Position: Tax Fairness

Issue Position


Tax Fairness:

Over the last few budget cycles, the Commonwealth has made drastic cuts to State sending. Tim believes that "No Tax Pledges" have proven to be an irresponsible way to govern. That's why he supports smart reductions and responsible cuts, especially when it comes to funding levels for the legislative caucuses but many vital services and state programs have been cut too deep. In addition, Pennsylvania has one of the most regressive tax systems in the nation. The poorest 20% of wage earners pay 12 cents in state taxes per dollar earned, while the richest 1% pay only 4.3 cents after the federal deduction for state and local taxes. Middle Class wage earners also pay more than the wealthiest Pennsylvanians.

Our tax dollars fund critical services that Pennsylvanians depend on every day, and Tim stands ready to lead the fight to make our tax system fairer.

Middle class and lower income families should not be forced to bear an unfair share of the cost of critical services.

Close corporate tax loopholes - Tim is working to close corporate tax loopholes that allow huge corporations to hide their Pennsylvania earnings in other states to avoid paying their fair share of taxes in PA. This is also unfair to companies that pay their fair share. Tim is fighting for "combined reporting" which has been adopted by many states and eliminates the ability of corporations to shift earnings among subsidiaries and effectively reduce their Pennsylvania tax obligation.

Enact a "severance tax" on natural gas extraction - While the development of the natural gas industry is a positive development for our commonwealth and our workers, there is a real impact on our local communities, our infrastructure, and our environment. Governor Corbett enacted an impact fee which does not go far enough and Tim will not stop fighting for a severance tax. All other states with natural gas have set reasonable tax rates for this extraction, so that local and state taxpayers are not left holding the bag.

Tax all tobacco products - Tim strongly believes it is time to end Pennsylvania's distinction as the only state that does not tax smokeless tobacco.

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