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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Like many of you, I am disappointed by the continual failure of leadership and constant war against the Middle Class and workers of Pennsylvania!

With the American middle class under attack, spending and funding is being slashed and everyday there is an other battle to make it harder for our friends and families. I have, and will stand beside you in your efforts to maintain a quality of life that fully embodies economic growth, sustainability and creates greater jobs!

As your State Representative, I have and will refocus state government on what really matters -- job creation and economic development. So far, the 141st District has become one of the first in Bucks County to enact a Responsible Contractor Program. Since then, all of our projects have been completed successfully with no risk of hiring firms that do not promote proper education, training skills, prevailing wages, and health insurance for their workings.

My campaign outlines many principles, and just to name a few: Building partnerships between government and businesses, fixing Pennsylvania's infrastructure, and ensuring job grants programs that actually produce jobs.

Since taking office, these principles have turned into actual events, and I only hope to grow upon them as my time in office matures.

Build Partnership Between Government and Business to Attract Jobs

As state representative, I will continue building working relationships with companies and government agencies to attract new business to Lower Bucks County. I believe that an aggressive, hardworking State Representative with a background in real estate and business can work effectively to attract jobs.


Fix Pennsylvania's Infrastructure

I have gone on record stating, "Aging…infrastructure is among one of the most prevalent and time sensitive challenges our state is facing, and it is essential we attack the issues head on!"

Everyone from business owners to teachers to families rely on reliable roads, bridges and railways -- if we don't have it, they'll go elsewhere.

There are constant improvements and new projects underway, and since Southeastern Pennsylvania serves as a major artery, we must find a way to move these projects forward! I believe it is crucial that we find funding to fix Rt. 13, renovate the Levittown SEPTA station, and a variety of other projects critical to keeping Lower Bucks moving.

As I have done, I will continue fighting for these projects in Harrisburg.


Ensure Jobs Grant Programs Actually Produce Jobs

A 2007 audit of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development by the state Auditor General revealed that nearly half of the opportunity grants given to companies for the purpose of job creation had failed to create or retain even a single job. The audit also showed that the department failed to fine companies who failed to meet their promises. Too many grants are being awarded to companies and organizations for politically expedient reasons.

Once reelected, I will work to reform DCED and other departments charged with jumpstarting our economy. We can no longer afford to let millions of dollars in WAMs and other grant funds be wasted on politically connected companies who fail to produce jobs.


Helping Homeowners

It is said, my work was pivotal in implementing the only township funded program in Bucks County to aid homeowners and buyers who are facing foreclosure. Bristol Township was also successful in obtaining $2.5 million in federal funding to tackle abandoned and foreclosed homes in distressed areas. As your Representative, I have and will continue my work to ensure this for all of the 141st District, and Pennsylvania!


Require Pennsylvania Employers to Hire Documented Construction Workers

It is estimated there are 15,000 to 20,000 undocumented workers currently holding construction jobs in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of American construction workers who are jobless. By targeting contractors who hire these undocumented workers and potentially suspending their corporate licenses, we can force them to hire documented workers using the much-improved, federal E-Verify system. I support and will vote for legislation that holds companies accountable for hiring illegal workers.

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