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Calcasieu Republican Parish Executive Committee Endorses Jeff Landry, Boustany Constituents in Major Geographic Region Pick Landry in 2012

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Today Jeff Landry, candidate for re-election in Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District, accepted the formal endorsement of the Calcasieu Republican Parish Executive Committee (RPEC), the official Republican committee of Calcasieu Parish. A majority of RPEC members voted to issue an endorsement and Landry received 75% of the endorsement votes.

"The Calcasieu Republican Party realizes what people across this District are beginning to realize: we need stronger conservative voices in Congress to cut spending, fix the debt, stop Obamacare, and protect our rights and liberties including the right-to-life. It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the Calcasieu Republican Party. It speaks volumes to the momentum of our campaign across Southwest Louisiana," said Landry.

"Jeff Landry is the only proven conservative in this race," said Bob Dewey, Chairman of the Calcasieu RPEC. "The Calcasieu RPEC trusts Congressman Landry to vote in the best interests of the people of Calcasieu Parish and all of Southwest Louisiana. Jeff will vote people over politics, Louisiana over Washington, and the next generation over his career," said Dewey.

"I look forward to representing Calcasieu Parish," said Landry. "As a former oil and gas small business owner, I understand the industries driving the Calcasieu Parish economy; and I will fight just as hard for the jobs in Calcasieu Parish as I have all across South Louisiana."

Congressman Landry is the only candidate in the Congressional race that is neither from Calcasieu Parish nor currently representing the parish as an elected official. Calcasieu Parish holds a unique position in Southwest Louisiana as the gateway from Texas to Louisiana on I-10. The city of Lake Charles regularly attracts businesses and visitors to the Parish.

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