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Gov. Sanford Issues Statement on Tax Debate, Education Funding

Location: Columbia, SC


Governor Mark Sanford today issued the following statement in support of his proposals to stimulate economic activity and revenue growth in South Carolina:

"The road toward adequately funding education, health care and all of the core needs we have as a state begins and ends with growing our economy," Gov. Sanford said. "Economic growth drives revenue growth, pure and simple, and we've suffered from a profound lack of leadership on that front in our state over the past four years. That's a big part of the billion dollar budget mess this administration inherited."

"Our income tax proposal would stimulate the economy and help us to dig ourselves out of that hole. It is a move toward comprehensive tax reform that would not only stimulate job growth and investment in our state, but fully fund Medicaid and free up millions of dollars for education. My hope is that the Legislature will follow the leadership shown by the Senate Finance Committee when they unanimously endorsed our plan. We're also going to stick to our guns by vetoing any job-killing tax proposal that would stunt economic growth in South Carolina, and what I have seen thusfar on sales tax proposals falls into that category."

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