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Readily available and affordable sources of energy serve as the foundation for our nation's economic growth and development, but the Obama Administration has implemented a set of policies and regulations that are directly restricting access to our own energy resources. It is unthinkable that our own federal government is actually pursuing a national energy policy that runs counter to what should properly be in our national interest-- a policy that puts so much of our known domestic supplies of oil and gas off-limits to exploration while we simultaneously finance other countries' energy exploration efforts.

These failed policies need to change if we have any intentions of keeping our energy costs low, creating American jobs, and growing our economy. We can remain good stewards of our environment while responsibly exploring and producing the oil, coal, and natural gas that is abundantly available within our borders. Renewable energy sources can and will be developed through marketplace innovation, not through government subsidies or financing.

We also need to encourage the construction of nuclear power plants, as nuclear is a reliable and emissions-free source of affordable energy that we need to accelerate the production of.

As your representative in Congress, I will work towards enacting an energy policy that greatly increases our domestic energy supplies, repeals harmful regulations, eliminates energy subsidies, and moves us towards energy independence

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