Stivers Veterans Bills Pass House


By:  Steve Stivers
Date: Sept. 21, 2012
Location: Unknown

I am proud to announce that two of the veterans bills I introduced have passed out of the House of Representatives in recent weeks:
HIRE AT HOME ACT: As a 27 year veteran in the Ohio Army National Guard, I know we need to make every effort to help our returning troops get back to work right away. The idea for this legislation came directly from constituents at a veterans roundtable I held last year.

The HIRE at Home Act works to streamline the state certification process, making it easier for veterans in the medical and transportation fields to use skills acquired in the military to find jobs quickly when they return home. By allowing military training in a comparable field to count toward state certification, the HIRE at Home Act will help get veterans back to work and reintegrated into their lives.

To see my floor speech on this bill CLICK HERE.

THE PLACE OF REMEMBRANCE ACT: I introduced this legislation in response to news stories late last year on the Dover Air Force Base mortuary sending veterans' remains to the Prince George Landfill. The legislation creates a Place of Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery as a final resting place for unknown veterans' remains from every military conflict moving forward. This occurrence is an outrage and a terrible injustice to our service members. By creating a proper memorial for the remains of those who served, we can ensure a travesty like this won't ever occur again.

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