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Affordable Home Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CHABOT. Mr. Speaker, states across the Nation are reducing their health care costs by doing something that makes a lot of fiscal and common sense: they are making it easier for seniors to receive care where they most want to be--in their homes. Washington should take notice. Instead of making it more difficult for home health care providers to operate, the Federal Government should strive to make these services more accessible to all seniors. After all, home health care is clinically advanced, cost effective, and, most importantly, patient preferred.

Take my home State of Ohio as an example. Under Governor John Kasich's leadership, Ohio has significantly increased seniors' access to home health care--and, according to analysis by Miami University's Scripps Gerontology Center, the State is saving half a billion dollars a year as a result.

I think Governor Kasich put it best when he said, that he could not, ``think of anything more important to a senior than to be able to stay in their home with assistance, rather than being put in a facility that they are not comfortable with.'' The Governor is right.

Mr. Speaker, as is usually the case, States are leading the way with low-cost, high-quality home health care. They are forging ahead with policies that not only save money, but deliver a better quality of life for our seniors. Making at home health care more accessible for seniors is a win-win for my State, and Washington would be wise to follow.

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