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Recognizing the 101st Anniversary of the Republic of China

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. REED. Mr. Speaker, October 10th of this year marks 101 years of the Republic of China (ROC). In those 101 years, the United States has had the support of few better friends or allies in any part of the world--let alone in the ever-increasingly strategically important Asia Pacific region--than the ROC. Inspired by the American ideals of individual liberty and freedom, the ROC and United States have stood beside each other in some of our two lands' darkest hours and most challenging times.

Our two governments have stood side by side during the most trying times of the 20th century. Armed international conflicts have tested our relations, but we have emerged as two thriving nations. Our democracies are a shining example for which emerging nations aspire to become just as the ROC was one hundred and one years ago.

On this monumental occasion, I urge all of my colleagues to join me in recognizing this milestone achievement in the history of the ROC. As one our closest allies in the Asia-Pacific region, we must continuously strive to strengthen the relationship between our countries. Let us continue to promote the fine democratic examples which the ROC has set for the world to see. We look forward to maintaining our strong relationship with the ROC for years to come, and we wish their country continued prosperity throughout its second century.

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