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Rep. McKinley Responds to White House ‘Snub' of Israeli Prime Minister


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va.) issued the following statement concerning President Barack Obama failing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to the United States.

"The nation of Iran and its extremist President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have increased the volume of rhetoric against Israel and are expediting the development of a nuclear weapon," said Rep. McKinley. "Consequently, to facilitate a discussion between two long standing allies, Prime Minister Netanyahu has requested a meeting in Washington with President Obama. Unfortunately, President Obama has rejected this crucial meeting between the leaders."

"The President's refusal to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister is unacceptable," said Rep. McKinley. "If he can make time for personal campaign events and the Letterman Show, President Obama should fulfill his role as Commander-in-Chief and create time for the leader of one of our most important allies."

"Israel is America's most dependable democratic ally in the Middle East and deserves the respect of any American President whenever they request a meeting, especially under these threatening circumstances," said Rep. McKinley. "

For more than six decades, Israel has looked to the United States for political inspiration, financial and military assistance, and diplomatic support," said Rep. McKinley. "For President Obama to snub a friend of America during a critical time is unacceptable." "Last year Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before a Joint Session of Congress and discussed the important democratic foothold Israel represents in the Middle East," said Rep. McKinley. "If President Obama isn't willing to sit down with the leader of Israel, we should invite him to make his case to the American public and appear again before Congress."

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