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Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. McKINLEY. I rise today in an effort to stop this administration's war on coal. Those who believe that there is no war on coal are in dangerous denial. The actions of this administration against coal have caused massive uncertainty in the marketplace.

Obama's war on coal has come in waves. First, with the retroactive retracting of mine water permits, shutting down a coal mine. New source performance

standards, shutting down all new coal mine construction. Utility MACT is shutting down all existing powerhouses. Boiler MACT; particulate matter; stream buffer rule; treating coal ash as a hazardous material; cross-state air pollution; slow-walking over 900 coal mining permits.

I'm here to support the coal ash provision with this. The majority in the House and the Senate have already four times passed this concept. They support this issue.

This is not a war on coal, though. It's a war on the communities that mine coal. When you shut down a coal mine, you shut down concrete block suppliers, timber cribbing, machinists who maintain the motors and equipment, and electrical workers.


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