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Foxx Endorsed by NRA for Her Strong Record of Protecting Gun Rights


Location: Clemmons, NC

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's campaign today announced the National Rifle Association's endorsement of her campaign. Foxx, a lifetime member of the NRA, received the NRA's endorsement for her solidly pro-Second Amendment voting record in the 112th Congress.

"At a time when we have a president who is hostile towards the right to keep and bear arms it is more important than ever that we defend this freedom," Foxx said. "That's why it is such an honor to receive the NRA's endorsement of my pro-gun record."

Foxx has consistently voted to preserve the constitutional protections given to American gun owners in the Second Amendment. She routinely opposes burdensome restrictions on gun ownership, such as the District of Columbia's blanket ban on gun ownership that was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2008.

"Hunters, sports shooters and collectors know that our founding fathers intended for them to exercise their Second Amendment freedoms," Foxx said. "I promise to work to ensure that those freedoms are not eroded by anti-gun special interests in Congress."

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