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Sensenbrenner: EU to Extend Illegal Emissions Tax to Shipping, Administration Must Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) today blasted the European Union's (EU) statement released this week, indicating it would extend its illegal emissions tax to shipping. He issued this statement calling on the Obama Administration to act because Americans cannot afford to have the Administration repeat its failure to protect American businesses and consumers from illegal foreign taxation:

"The European Union is threatening a new set of taxes on Americans. After introducing an illegal tax on all flights to and from Europe, the EU announced that it wants to force a similar scheme on shipping. The EU's airline tax begins accruing while the carrier is in American airspace. Americans are forced to pay higher fares, even when flying U.S. carriers, to comply with the EU tax. If they move forward with a new shipping tax, it will impact the price of goods and manufacturing."

"While the Administration has voiced disagreement with the EU's airline tax on Americans, it has not only failed to stop that tax, but the EU is now ready to extend the illegal tax to another industry. Both the House and Senate have taken bipartisan action on the EU's airline tax, but the Obama Administration must step up its efforts and protect the U.S. economy. "

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