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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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We should be giving tax credits to small businesses that are more targeted than the ones we're handing out today. It's just common sense that any economic incentives we give to private corporations ought to be tied to specific job creation targets. And we also need to include an element of accountability, something that's notoriously lacking in current policy.

And let's remember that an excellent school system is critical to any community's economic viability. That's especially true for Seminole County. It makes no sense to continue on the path of dismantling our "A" schools with relentless budget cuts.

Beyond its pure educational impact (see above), supporting our school system has a significant economic on our cities and counties. Our schools are our real job creators, making the area's workforce more desirable for companies looking to locate in Seminole County. Also, our excellent public schools have always provided an enormous amount of support for local property values. We get a great return on our investment in education. It doesn't make sense, then to slash funding for education.

All the tax credits in the world won't attract companies to Florida if we're not providing a productive and educated workforce along with a first-rate infrastructure and services. We're not going to create jobs if we ignore the factors that would make Florida attractive to business investors.

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