Murphy Contrasts His Work Fighting for Seniors with McMahon's Right-Wing Policies

Press Release

By:  Chris Murphy
Date: Sept. 27, 2012
Location: Rocky Hill, CT

Chris Murphy met with seniors in Hartford today to discuss his work fighting to preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security and to highlight Linda McMahon's support for extreme right-wing Republican policies to dismantle and end the crucial programs for Connecticut seniors. This visit comes one day after video was unearthed in which McMahon suggested that Social Security should have a "sunset provision."

"I have been fighting to preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare against the right-wing Republican attempts to privatize and dismantle them because I know how important these programs are for local seniors. But Linda McMahon not only supports the Ryan plan to dismantle Medicare, she proposed an even more extreme plan to end Social Security," said Murphy. "This is not what Connecticut seniors want, and I am going to keep talking to voters about my record fighting for them, and my opponent's record and her plans that would be devastating for Connecticut seniors and middle class families."

Speaking to a far-right Tea Party rally earlier this year, McMahon proposed a "sunset provision" to Social Security that would end the program completely, and make lawmakers fight to renew it. McMahon, who also suggested raising the retirement age and means-testing benefit programs, has successfully avoided reporters' questions on specific policy positions, and her campaign manager recently told The Connecticut Mirrorthat a discussion of the issues, including entitlement reform, was "a senseless exercise."

McMahon has also refused to rule out vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's plan to end traditional Medicare by turning it into a voucher program that would increase Connecticut seniors' health care costs by $6,000 per year.

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