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Dysfunctional House of Representatives

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MORAN. Mr. Speaker, I want to talk about the number 47, not as in the percentage of Americans, the soldiers and students and elderly and working poor, many of whom are paying more in total taxes than Mr. Romney is paying on his tens of millions of dollars in annual income but who, nevertheless,
he seems to consider to be slackers. No, I'm talking about 47 as in the number of days left before the election, in the context of the fact that we have 1 more day that we will be in session. The most basic and fundamental responsibilities our constituents sent us to Washington to address are being left totally unresolved. Never have I seen a House of Representatives so unproductive and so dysfunctional, and I served during the so-called ``Gingrich Revolution.''

The fact is that today the House Republican leadership and too many of its rank-and-file Members seem to think that economic stimulus, which is vitally needed in this economy, is a dirty word, and that the Federal Government is some kind of alien enterprise. Their approach is to do nothing, and that's what we've done for the last 2 years--nothing.

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