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VA Seniors Say They Can't Take Another Chance on George Allen

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Today Tim Kaine released "Shift," a new ad affirming his commitment to strengthening programs that ensure a healthy and secure retirement for Virginia seniors, including Social Security and Medicare.

"Shift" features Virginia seniors discussing George Allen's record of voting to cut Medicare, shift Social Security dollars to private accounts, and his plans in this campaign to increase health care costs for seniors. "We can't take another chance on George Allen," says one of the seniors in the ad.

"I will always work to strengthen programs like Social Security and Medicare that our seniors have paid into and rely upon for a secure retirement," said Kaine. "There are smart strategies we can pursue today, like allowing Medicare to negotiate for cheaper prescription drug prices, that will save meaningful costs in the short and long term, help bring down the deficit, and won't jeopardize benefits and quality of care. But I will oppose efforts to privatize these programs, which would shift costs onto the backs of seniors and create an undue burden for older Virginians."

During his six years in the Senate, George Allen voted for billions in cuts to Medicare, voted against closing the donut hole in Medicare that caused higher drug prices for seniors, and opposed additional resources for Medicare beneficiaries with conditions like heart disease and cancer. In addition, before the stock market bottomed out, Allen voted for a plan to shift Social Security dollars to private accounts. He even said Social Security dollars should be invested in the housing market. Had he been successful, seniors who invested in the housing market would have lost nearly 30 percent of their investments.

In this campaign, Allen has embraced plans that would raise health care costs or jeopardize care for current Virginia seniors. His plan to turn Medicaid into a block grant program would raise health care costs for the more than 82,000 Virginia seniors who receive Medicaid coverage, and his commitment to repeal the Affordable Care Act would undo the prescription drug donut hole fix that saved 81,000 Virginians an average of $600 in 2011. In addition, Allen has praised Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's budget that would shift Medicare costs on to the backs of future retirees.

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