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The Rigell Report: We Must Honor Our Promise to Seniors


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Dear Friend,

You are probably hearing a lot about Medicare these days, and I wanted to use today's Rigell Report to talk about the absolute importance of protecting this vital program for our seniors.

My parents and my two aunts depend on Medicare. Like so many others in their generation, they planned their retirements around this promise that the government made to them, and this is a promise we must keep.

However, the President's plan for government run health care, which I have voted to repeal more than 30 times, takes $716 billion from current Medicare programs to pay for his program. That's money that seniors paid in to Medicare that is now being taken out to pay for someone else's health benefits. That's not fair.

What's more, this plan puts a board of 15 bureaucrats in charge of Medicare who are allowed to cut Medicare in ways that could lead to denied care for today's seniors. This board and the decisions it makes will come between patients and their doctors, and that is the wrong model for health care in America.

This Medicare discussion should be about the promise that we have made to our country's seniors. Period, end of story.

That's why the plan that I support makes no changes for today's seniors -- even if they haven't reached Medicare eligibility -- including anyone 55 or older. I have even introduced a House Resolution asking Republicans and Democrats to come together and agree on just these two principles: we will not change Medicare for today's seniors and we will address the unacceptable waste, fraud, and abuse that we know exists in the system. Most importantly, we will honor the promises we have made to a generation that has done so much for our country. That is what we do as Americans, and it is what I will continue to do as your Representative in Congress.

Mindful that I work for you, I remain

Yours in Freedom,


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