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Congratulating Temple Samu-El Or Olom in Miami, Florida

Location: Washington, DC

CONGRATULATING TEMPLE SAMU-EL OR OLOM IN MIAMI, FLORIDA -- (Extensions of Remarks - November 20, 2004)

Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and join the congregation at Temple Samu-El Or Olom in celebrating the Chanukat Ha-Bayit, the dedication of their new building, sanctuary, and educational complex on Sunday, December 5, 2004.

I wish to recognize and thank Education Vice President, Richard Siegel; President, Michael Backer; Executive Vice President, Michael Slotnick; Rabbi David D. Schonblum; Cantor Ronit Rubin; Temple Administrator Dennis Miller, and the other officers and members of the Board for their immense contributions and accomplishments.

Temple Samu-El Or Olom has been serving the community of Southern Miami-Dade County and, specifically, our Jewish community in South Florida, for decades.

As the synagogue celebrates its 32nd anniversary, I am proud to mention that the congregation of Temple Samu-El Or Olom was the first in Greater Miami to offer multilingual Shabbat services in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish, and Ladino. Some of its members have even created and published English, Hebrew, and Spanish prayer books for use during their services. Their educational program includes Early Childhood education, as well as an annual scholar in residence program that attracts numerous participants.

I recently visited Temple Samu-El Or Olom, and found it to be a very warm and welcoming congregation. I was also impressed by the breadth of religious, educational, cultural, youth, adult, senior citizen, and social programs that the synagogue offers to people of all ages.

Furthermore, the synagogue's central location in Kendall, and its proximity to Miami Dade College, the Jewish Community Center, nursing homes, elder care facilities, and other institutions enables it to serve the needs of every person in the community.

The motto of Temple Samu-El Or Olom is "The Spirit of Family," and as we celebrate the dedication of the congregation's new building, sanctuary and educational complex, we can look forward to many more decades of the Temple's service to the community.

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