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Blog: U.S. National Debt Reaches $16 Trillion


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Today, the U.S. Treasury announced that our national debt has reached $16 trillion. The U.S. debt has risen by more than 50% since Obama's inauguration, from $10.6 trillion to $16 trillion. This debt is unsustainable; it's that simple.

Big government isn't solving our problems. Despite adding $5 billion to our debt, we're still struggling with high unemployment and stagnant economic growth. But the real tragedy of accumulating $16 trillion in debt is that we're saddling our children and grandchildren with a bill they may never be able to repay. We're mortgaging their future.

That's why I voted for Congressman Ryan's budget, which dramatically cuts government spending and focuses on empowering Americans who work hard and play by the rules. Unfortunately, while the House has taken action, the Senate continues to sit on its hands, and the burden for future generations of Americans continues to climb.

We have to stop spending money we do not have, and the Senate must help us begin that process. It's time for Senate Democrats to pass a budget that shrinks the size of government and doesn't put the future of the American dream in jeopardy. I will continue to vote to rein in government spending, and I hope you'll join me in my effort to reduce our debt and take back our future.

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