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EPA's Attempt to Target Texas Struck Down by U.S. Court


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Last week, a U.S. Court of Appeals struck down a flawed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule that would have hurt electric plants throughout the United States, particularly those in Texas. According to the Clean Air Act, if pollution from one state is causing a neighboring state to fail federal air quality tests, then the EPA can order the upwind state to reduce its emissions that are causing the problem. This rule, known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, was supposed to reduce air pollution. However, the EPA tried to take it one step further and impose massive requirements on some states. The Court found that the EPA stretched their authority by dictating how states would reduce emissions instead of allowing states to design their own plans.

EPA regulations continue to be too burdensome for energy producers in our country, and particularly in our state. More regulations from this misguided bureaucracy result in less energy production and fewer jobs. With unemployment above 8 percent, the Obama administration should be doing everything it can to expand the development of our domestic resources, not hinder it by imposing new regulations whenever it can. I am continuing to fight for increased energy production in our country to spur the economic growth we need.

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