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Texas Voter ID Law Struck Down by Federal Court


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Last week, a federal court blocked a Texas voter ID law that would require individuals to show official identification, like a driver's license or passport, before being allowed to vote. I am deeply disappointed with the court's decision to block this law, which was passed by the Texas legislature, signed by Governor Perry, and clearly reflects the will of Texans. If citizens are required to show identification to open a bank account, board a plane, drive a car or carry a concealed handgun, why wouldn't voters do the same before exercising one of our most valuable rights as Americans? The right to vote by secret ballot is the foundation of our democracy, and no American should ever be denied that right. But it is also important that we don't allow that privilege to be tainted by fraud. An ID law that ensures one vote for every citizen would help ensure our democracy functions as the founders intended. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has pledged to take this case to the Supreme Court, and as this case moves forward, I will continue to support justice and fairness in our voting system.

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