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Don't Cut the Supplemental Nutrition Program

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, just recently it was announced that 50 million Americans experience food insecurity--and experienced it in the last year. What that means is that families in the United States suffer without food. A predominant number of those are single parents and children.

What are we as a country if we allow children to go hungry in this particular great land?

I just came back from Africa, and saw children who are hungry. But yet we were there to encourage better technology to promote agricultural development. But today, this Congress, this House, Republican Congress, is cutting $16 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Program. We can do better.

I want to work with this Congress to ensure that 50 million Americans are not hungry in this great land. Let us revisit the cutting of the Supplemental Nutrition Program because our children are begging, they're asking us: Do we care?

We do care. We cannot cut $15 billion, $16 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Program with 50 million Americans experiencing food insecurity--working Americans, Americans with children. The time to stop is now and support those families.

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