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Continuing Resolution


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Also on Thursday, the House passed a short-term Continuing Appropriations Resolution (CR) which extends appropriated funding for discretionary government operations, through March 27, 2013. With the Senate not passing a budget for over 1,200 days, Congress has had to use CR's to prevent a government shutdown. I voted against the CR because it was not in line with spending outlined in the Path to Prosperity Budget that I voted in support of in March, as well as for other reasons. I also feel that we cannot continue to kick the can down the road and let the Senate continue to halt spending reform and ignore the appropriations process, a central duty for Congress.

While the CR did pass to avert a government shutdown, no specific funding for Libya is included in the CR, and the bill places severe restrictions on longstanding aid to Egypt. If the State Department believes that a nation is in need of funding, Congress should first have to give approval. I will fight to ensure that no funding is given to unstable regions.

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