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Issue Position: More Jobs - And a Plan to Make it Happen

Issue Position

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Revitalizing the economy and creating more jobs requires a multi-pronged approach:

Lower Taxes

Pennsylvania's Corporate Net Income (CNI) tax is one of the highest in the country. When businesses are looking to re-locate or expand, this is one of the first factors they consider. High taxes in Pennsylvania discourage the business growth that leads to the creation of jobs. We need to lower this tax rate, and others, to let employers know Pennsylvania is open for business.
Reduce Excessive Regulation

Regulations that go beyond the scope of legislation and create unnecessary burdens on businesses are an added cost and make Pennsylvania less competitive. We need to rein in existing regulations and limit the creation of new regulations going forward.
Limit Egregious Litigation

The costs that come along with egregious litigation impose unnecessary burdens on Pennsylvania businesses, especially small businesses. Limiting this type of litigation will reduce business costs, make Pennsylvania businesses more competitive, and help them create more jobs.
Effective Job Training Programs

The Pennsylvania economy is changing and job training programs need to adapt. These programs should focus on jobs in growing industries that offer family-sustaining wages. The measure of success for these programs needs to be a successful job placement, not just the completion of the program (as has been past practice).

Foster New Industries

Industries that are looking to expand into or grow in Pennsylvania need certainty when it comes to the business climate. They also need a skilled workforce. Pennsylvania needs to make sure it is not impeding the growth of these new industries and that we remain competitive with other states around the country. For instance, natural gas in the Marcellus Shale region represents an incredible opportunity for Pennsylvania, but growth and expansion need to be handled responsibly. This means Pennsylvania must consider both the economic and environmental impacts as we move forward.

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