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Defender Network - Congressman Green Addresses Unrest

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Houston Congressman Al Green recently weighed in on the political unrest occurring in various parts of the world.

Green said unsettling events in the Middle East reached a nadir with the death of Americans in Libya.

"Continued unrest could endanger the export and price of oil from Libya, the world's fifth largest producer of oil, at a time when sanctions against Iran are already affecting the world market," Green said.

"The recent turmoil once again emphasizes, among other important issues, the importnce of continuing efforts for peace and stability in the region, as well as the importance of the uninterrupted flow of oil into the world's economy."

Green noted the growing response to the anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims."

"The ugly film which mocks the life of the Prophet Muhammad has been condemned by people of goodwill," Green said. "Slandering and making a mockery of any religion is offensive, wrong, and not a justification for murder or violence."

In addition, Green touched on the political climate in Egypt.

"The road to peace in the Middle East goes through many countries, one of which is Egypt," he said. "Given Egypt's proximity to Israel, the relationship of Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi's government with Israel is particularly of paramount importance for many reasons.

Green also shared his thoughts on world peace.

"As events unfold, we must remember that although stability in the Middle East is an immediate objective, peace is our ultimate goal," he said.

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