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Congressman Kevin Brady Grades The Obama Economy at House GOP Leadership Press Conference


Location: Washington, DC

At today's House Republican Leadership News Conference, Congressman Kevin Brady laid out the raw facts about President Obama's Economic record.

If the Obama recovery had been just an average recovery, 4.3 million more Americans would be working today instead of looking for work and America would have gained back every job lost in the recession and more. Instead, 7 million more Americans are on food stamps, middleclass paychecks have shrunk and on election day, it's likely fewer Americans will be working than when President Obama took office.

"Recently, the President was asked to grade his leadership on the economy and he gave himself an incomplete. I don't know what curve he was grading himself on, but the truth is he's dead last," said Brady, the top Republican on the Joint Economic Committee. "In the ten recoveries since World War II, this President economic leadership is dead last and I don't know how you spin that."

"It's not an incomplete. It's an F," concluded Brady.

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