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God Bless America


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The return of this somber anniversary every year should always remind us to pray for the families who lost loved ones and to honor the memory of those who were murdered, as well as those who voluntarily gave their lives to save others. This anniversary renews my determination to support our troops and our intelligence services, to force the federal government to secure our borders with zero tolerance and to fix our broken visa system so we can track foreign nationals and remove them when their visas expire.

This anniversary also reminds me to continue my efforts to have America adopt the attitude and guidelines the Israelis use in their ongoing fight against Islamic extremism. America can rest confident that we have protected ourselves against terrorist attacks to the best of our ability when our borders and ports of entry are truly secure, when we shed our obsession with political correctness, and focus like Israelis on fighting a the small minority of Islamic extremists who started this war.

Above all on this anniversary, we should pray for God to comfort the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, on battlefields around the world since that day, and for the safety and security of our men and women in uniform who continue to protect our freedoms.

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