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Serrano Announces $1 million in Grants for Science Education at Hostos Community College

Press Release

Location: The Bronx, NY

Today, Congressman José E. Serrano announced that CUNY's Hostos Community College had been awarded more than $1 million in federal grants for their innovative science education programs. The funding, which is awarded by the National Science Foundation, will support two distinguished programs. One is entitled "Project SEED (STEM Educators Expansion Directive) for Candidates in Chemistry and Environmental Science," and the other is "Designing Futures With Games: Game-Framed Mathematics and Science as a Pathway to Multimedia Technology Careers."

"The innovative educational activities that Hostos is undertaking with these two programs are truly worthy of federal support," said Congressman Serrano. "I can think of no better use of our tax dollars than to expand opportunities in technology and the sciences for students at Hostos. Our nation is far too often running behind other nations in these areas, and I believe it is because we do not focus on the vast talent and untapped potential in places like the Bronx. Latinos and African-Americans continue to be underrepresented in the STEM fields, but Hostos is making significant progress in helping link Bronx residents, and those living elsewhere in the City, with careers in technology and the sciences . It's a matter of great pride in the Bronx community to know that Hostos is leading the way in this vital area. I applaud the Hostos leadership and the dedicated teachers who are making this a reality. Our students and community, as well as our City and nation are going to have a better future because of their outstanding work."

"The NSF grant validates the quality and depth of our faculty, particularly for STEM and reiterates the commitment Hostos has in helping to improve educational outcomes in Bronx K-12 schools," said President Félix V. Matos Rodríguez of CUNY's Hostos Community College. "Hostos' excellence continues to bring much needed resources to the Borough and help improve the quality of life."

"Students are our most precious resource as a nation," added Serrano. "We must ensure that they are given the very best instruction and support as they make their way through our educational system. In supporting them, we are ensuring the future leadership of our nation in so many different areas. We know that innovative teaching is the key to supporting these future scientists and technology wizards. It is a great pleasure to support these educational programs because I know we are creating a generation of skilled people for whom no challenge is too great."

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