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Issue Position: 5 Keys to Security & How We Defend Freedom

Issue Position

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Eliminate School Property Taxes -- David supports HB 1776, a plan to eliminate and replace school property taxes by broadening the state's current base of goods and services taxed.

Private Property Rights -- David Maloney will defend your rights to your personal property. He is against unconstitutional zoning laws and outrageous abuse of eminent domain. David supports the repeal of the Death Tax.

The Tenth Amendment -- We are all threatened by expanding government in Pennsylvania and in Washington DC. David believes the 10th Amendment offers a defense to over-reaching government and he supports the PA Republican House
"10th Amendment Resolution" that calls for aggressive opposition to growth of federal mandates, programs and regulations.

The Second Amendment -- David voted to help pass the "Castle Doctrine," that strengthened the rights of citizens to use firearms in self-defense and to protect their families. He will continue to defend constitutionally protected gun owner rights. He is an avid outdoorsman and hunter. David was given an "A+" grade by the NRA and has been endorsed again by "Firearms Owners Against Crime",

The Economy - David delivered in 2011 by helping to produce the first on time budget in the last 8 years and by voting to end state borrowing and over-spending. David Maloney believes private sector jobs can be created by taking away barriers that hinder the economy.
David Maloney voted for and helped put into law the "Fair Share Act-17" which protects employers from unfair lawsuit abuse by reforming the doctrine of joint and several liability.
Marcellus Shale - Act 13 passed in 2012 now provides for a reasonable impact fee to offset gas industry impacts on local communities, invests more than $2 billion in state
conservation and environmental programs in the years ahead and puts in place some of the tightest regulatory protections in the country. This supports PA's fastest growing job sector.

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