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Blog: Critz Throws a 'Hail Mary'


Location: Unknown

One week after learning he lost 15 points in the polls and was tied with challenger Keith Rothfus, liberal Congressman Mark Critz (D-Johnstown) has elected to throw a 'hail mary' to save his political career. Former President Bill Clinton will be coming to Beaver County to rally for the incumbent Democrat from Johnstown on Thursday. Keith Rothfus responds:

"Unfortunately, Bill Clinton is no longer the President we remember. How do we know this? Because the man who passed four surplus budgets in a row is now working to reelect a President that has brought us four straight trillion dollar deficits. The Bill Clinton we remember would never have personally nominated President Obama for a second term, leaving Americans with a future of continued high unemployment and skyrocketing national debt. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton has just become another one of President Obama's allies this campaign season, which makes it no surprise he's coming to help Congressman Critz, who just last week endorsed President Obama for a second term."

"Mr. Clinton said at the Democratic National Convention, 'I want Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States.' But that means a continued war on coal, which resulted in 200 jobs lost right here in Beaver County just two weeks ago. And ironically, the Congressman who claims to be tough on China is now using the man who forced us to accept China into the World Trade Organization to help him win reelection. It's just another 'say one thing and do another' moment for Mr. Critz. The only thing Congressman Critz has been consistent in is asking for help from President Obama's closest allies in order to save his failed political career. I will stand up to President Obama's agenda, and fight for the right policies that will empower our job creators and bring family-sustaining jobs back to Southwestern Pennsylvania."

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