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Stop the War on Coal Press Release


Location: Unknown

As a congressional candidate I must express my thoughts on the recent political maneuver called 'Stop the War on Coal Act.' There is no war on coal. Coal is essential. It provides jobs and inexpensive energy for our district. Coal will be with us for decades. Infrastructure is already in place to support its continued use. However, coal is a non-renewable resource. It will become too expensive as supplies dwindle. I support building an infrastructure based on clean renewable energies. Then, when fossil fuels run out we'll have infinite clean energies to replace them, while simultaneously preventing job loss and energy shortages.

This proposed coal act would lower gas mileage standards, a matter unrelated to coal mining and power generation, and remove the EPA's ability to regulate toxic mine/plant emissions. It puts these regulatory burdens on the already strapped-for-cash states.

Coal production is at a twenty year high. Decreased mining jobs is likely due to environmentally harmful methods, including mountain top blasting, which require fewer UMWA workers. Let's save the mountains and put miners back to work. Win-win.

Power plants are switching to cheaper, cleaner natural gas. Coupled with decreased domestic coal demand, US coal exports are rising. These are market forces affecting the industry, not related to EPA regulations that protect our rights to clean air and water.

In Congress, I'll work to maintain and create good jobs, protect the environment, build up Pennsylvania's economy. These things are not, as supporters of the act state, mutually exclusive endeavors.

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