We Do Not Want Four More Years of Where We've Been


By:  Mitt Romney
Date: Sept. 28, 2012
Location: Unknown

America has a very dramatic choice it can make. We can keep going down the same road we're on, and if we go down the road we're on, we're headed for a weaker and weaker economy, with fewer people being able to get jobs than the people that really need them.

We're going to see kids coming out of school not able to get the jobs they need. That's the path we're on. That's the path of the status quo the President's fighting for. We do not want four more years of where we've been.

I represent a very different path. I will restore America's strength, I'll put America back to work, and I'll keep our military so strong no one would ever think of testing America's military might.

Mitt Romney

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