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Howell Attacks Orrin Hatch's "CouponCare"

Press Release

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Scott Howell, candidate for U.S. Senate and former Utah Senate minority leader addressed issues on Medicare today in St. George, Utah. Howell emphasized Orrin Hatch's votes for "CouponCare" and outlined his rebuttals to each argument to end Medicare.

"We are witnessing today an attempt by Congress to end Medicare," Howell said. "I oppose any plan that forces seniors into the private health insurance market ─ some call it a Voucher System. Really, it's "CouponCare.'"

Howell continued by emphasizing that Orrin Hatch's proposed plan is "both delusional and cruel."

"We will not let scare tactics push our seniors into a plan that does not serve them. Orrin Hatch doesn't want to make Medicare sustainable. He wants to destroy it under the guise of saving it. The Wall Street special interests that line his pockets want those dollars in the private market. Orrin Hatch voted to end Medicare. That isn't demagoguery, or political scare tactics. It's the truth. Seniors express the strongest opposition to changing Medicare into a program that offers future participants coupons toward purchasing private health insurance coverage. I'm here to represent these seniors' wishes in Washington."

Supporting his claims, Howell cited the Congressional Budget Office and explained that "'under Orrin Hatch's plan, the typical Utah senior would end up paying around $5,100 more out of pocket in the plan's first year of operation.'"

Finally, Howell outlined his own plan: "There are concrete steps that Congress can take immediately to preserve and strengthen Medicare. I support legislation to upgrade the Medicare card and eliminate phantom billing and medical equipment fraud. I support legislation that would allow Medicare to negotiate for lower drug price by using its bulk purchasing power to negotiate drug makers for lower costs."

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