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Issue Position: Keeping our Streets and our State Safer

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In 2009, analysis by Klein's office unveiled startling data showing that the a vast majority of the most violent felons in New York State had prior arrest records and thousands of potentially harmful criminals could be caught sooner before striking again. On the heels of his investigation, Klein introduced legislation that would make the collection of "DNA upon Arrest" mandatory for anyone arrested on a serious felony charge. The legislation, supported by America's Most Wanted's John Walsh, aims to prevent crimes by apprehending criminals before they have the opportunity to strike again and exonerate the innocent, bringing quicker justice for victims and their families.

In addition, Klein has:

* Led the fight, supported by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to make it a crime to carry a gun while intoxicated in New York State.
* Sponsored the law, implemented in March 2010, which sends an instant email alert notification to parents every time a registered sex offender moves into their area.
* Authored the public health law that requires water supply facilities file a water supply emergency plan with the NYS Department of Health which includes a terrorist attack vulnerability assessment and plan.

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