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Hochul Pushes Maintain Prescription Drug Costs for Seniors


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Kathy Hochul will meet with seniors to discuss the Ryan Budget and its impact on current and future seniors.

"It's important that Western New York seniors not only understand my commitment to protecting the promise of Medicare, but also recognize the immediate impact my opponent's plan would have on current seniors," said Hochul.

"The Ryan plan, which Chris Collins has said does not go far enough,would re-open the prescription drug donut hole, forcing seniors to pay on average nearly $700 more for prescription drugs each year," continued Hochul. "That is on top of asking seniors to pay $6400 more per year for their Medicare."

The prescription drug donut hole refers to the gap between Medicare's regular and catastrophic drug coverage in which seniors are responsible for paying the bill. Although the gap has recently begun to close, recent proposals would require more than 42,000 current Western New York seniors enrolled in Medicare to pay a total of more than $28 million per year for their drugs.

"It is the height of hypocrisy for my opponent to distort my record on Medicare, while at the same time supporting a budget proposal that raises the costs of prescription drugs for current seniors and ends Medicare as we know it--all in order to give additional tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans," closed Hochul.

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