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No Hungry Kids


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An old English proverb says "An empty belly hears nobody." While you can probably relate to a similar scenario, the US Department of Agriculture just doesn't seem to get it.

New USDA school lunch guidelines were meant to fight childhood obesity and get kids more fruits and vegetables. But leave it to Washington to take good intentions and turn them into a massive government overreach. In reality, students are seeing smaller portions, reduced servings of protein, and strict calorie limits. Kids across the country are complaining about being hungry.

Gone are the days of getting a second helping of chicken or mashed potatoes. An active fifth grader is provided the same amount of food as a child in kindergarten. High school students are limited to two ounces of protein a day and no more than 10-12 ounces each week. We can't expect a high school football player who lifts weights before school, practices after and does chores when he gets home to feel good when he's limited to 850 calories.

That's why I'm a proud cosponsor of HR 6418, the "No Hungry Kids Act". This bill repeals these new lunch standards, prohibits caloric limits, and protects the rights of parents to send their children to school with the foods they choose.

Considering so many of our students receive free and reduced lunches, the best meal of their day may come from the school cafeteria.

We need to use some common sense in keeping our kids healthy. It's clear the needs of our children are not being met with this one-size-fits-all approach.

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