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Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. UPTON. Mr. Speaker, H.R. 4124, the Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2012, provides two important benefits. It addresses the shortages of emergency medical technicians (EMT) and it helps get our veterans back to work.

Military medics receive some of the best medical and emergency training available while they serve our country.

Yet, not all military medical training satisfies civilian EMT licensing and certification requirements. As a result, our returning veterans are unnecessarily prevented from working as an EMT when they re-enter civilian life.

This bill will examine ways that states with a shortage of EMTs can streamline requirements so that military medics do not have to duplicate the education and training they received on the battlefield. Our vets will be put back to work, and critical workforce shortages in emergency care can be filled to meet public health needs.

I proudly support this bill and urge my colleagues to support it. I yield the balance of my time.


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