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Huizenga Talks UNICOR, The Economy, and Libya on WMOM


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Huizenga appeared on WMOM in Ludington to discuss UNICOR costing hardworking Michiganders their jobs, the negative impact of burdensome regulation on the economy and the terrorist attack in Libya.

On UNICOR/FPI: "The federal prisons operate this 'company' that has been taking jobs away from law-abiding, hardworking, taxpaying citizens. Unfortunately, we saw this happen in Michigan in the last week or so. There is a company up in Elk Rapids that made pants for the military and UNICOR just came in and took that contract and the company lost about 100 jobs. Dr. Dan Benishek, the Congressman up there, signed on to my bill that we talked about last week. This is just an egregious, blatant show of what can happen when the government is working against private citizens. I am glad to have Congressman Benishek joining the fight."

On The Negative Impact Of Burdensome Regulations On The Economy: "We often talk about and focus on taxes, but it's not always taxes that hurt our business climate, it's the regulatory environment. ... over half of the people running these small businesses said that if they had to start it now they wouldn't and we have two-thirds of them saying it's too risky right now. They're saying I don't know what the regulatory environment is going to be so I'm not going to make that investment in equipment or in people. That is what has really stalled out this economic recovery that is so fragile. We need to push through this and make sure government is working for people not against people."

On Libya: "If this was President Bush and the Administration was starting to tell different stories and getting different lines of what happened to our ambassador from the State Department, Defense Department, and the White House, people would be arms. Certainly the media would be up in arms. Somehow the Obama Administration is getting a bit of a pass. We need to be taking a very close look at what is happening because this is way too important for all of us."

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