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Issue Position: Pro-Business

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I couldn't believe my ears when I heard an American president tell business people: "If you've got a business - you didn't build that! Somebody else made that happen".
Unfortunately, this leftist thinking isn't limited to Washington DC and it has infected some of our politicians in Fairbanks as well. Joe Paskvan seems to have a particularly virulent strain of the same anti-business disease that our president suffers from. His rants against businesses are famous in Juneau, but it is his grade from the Alaska Business Report Card that tells it all. In 2012 Joe got an "F".
He'll tell you he's standing up for the little guy against the big corporations, but it was Alaskan entrepreneurs - Your friends and neighbors who donate to our kid's teams and make grants to our schools and university that gave him the failing grade.
I am proud to say: I support Alaskan entrepreneurs now and had a history of doing so when I was in the State Senate, years ago. Oil through the pipeline is dropping fast; "for sale" signs are popping up in our neighborhoods and North Dakota has passed us in oil field production. Now is not the time for this 1960's anti-business rhetoric.

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