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No More Solyndras Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MARKEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this motion to level the playing field for wind energy and for the guarantee of American jobs coming out of this No More Solyndras Act. This is the final amendment to this bill. It will not kill the bill. It will not send the bill back to committee. If adopted, the bill will immediately proceed to final passage, as amended.

My motion will ensure that we will only give tens of billions of dollars worth of loan guarantees that are authorized under this No More Solyndras Act as long as we will also avoid raising taxes on the wind industry by $4 billion a year, which is what is going to happen if we allow the production tax credit to expire at the end of this year.

What is already happening in the wind industry? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the wind industry says that we are going to lose 40,000 jobs next year in the wind industry. What has already happened in the last 2 months? Jobs are already being lost in this country because the Republicans are allowing the production tax credit for wind to expire even as they authorize these tens of billions of dollars of new projects for nuclear, for coal. We're not saying that wind should be treated separately, specially. All we want is equal treatment for wind--equal treatment.

What's happening in Iowa? Last month, Clipper Wind Company lost 174 jobs in Iowa--gone. Last week, Gamesa, with 165 jobs in Pennsylvania--gone. This past Tuesday, Molded Fiber Glass in South Dakota, with 92 jobs in the wind industry--gone. By this time next year, 40,000 jobs in the wind industry--gone. There are 1,700 jobs already gone, and we are on our way to 40,000 jobs lost in the wind industry. That's part one of this amendment.

What is the second part of the amendment? The second part says, if the Republicans are going to authorize these tens of billions of loan guarantees in this No More Solyndras Act, then 75 percent of all of the equipment made under these loan guarantees is to be made here in America and with American workers making that equipment under their bill. If we are going to be doing this, make it in America, and 75 percent of all the equipment should come from our country.

Why is this amendment even necessary? Well, when the Ryan budget came out here on the House floor in February of 2011, one month after they took over, the Ryan budget cut clean energy by 90 percent. What happened in April out here on the House floor? They cut wind and solar by $17 billion and kept in all of the money for nuclear and coal. That's not a level playing field. That's going after wind. That's going after solar. In this bill, what do they do? Basically, what they say is they can keep in $88.5 billion for nuclear and for coal loan guarantees, but for wind and solar, we're sorry.

What we are saying in this amendment is let's have a level playing field. Let's make sure that wind is given the opportunity to flourish in the marketplace. Let's not tilt the playing field so that wind is a guaranteed loser in Iowa, in Pennsylvania, in Colorado, in States all across this country which are right now facing a 40,000 job loss. That's what this is all about. Don't give $4 billion a year to the oil industry and say that it can't be touched and at the same time cut $4 billion from the wind industry, which is an industry that created 12,000 new megawatts of electricity in our country this year.

So this amendment is very simple. It says keep the $4 billion for the wind industry so that we don't lose 40,000 wind jobs in the next 6 months in State after State after State in our country--States that are already beginning to see those losses--and let's make sure that 75 percent of all of the equipment that's made under this loan guarantee program is made by American workers here in the United States. Vote ``yes'' for this recommittal motion. Make it here in America.

I yield back the balance of my time.


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