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Stockman Warns Kountze ISD to Stop Banning Religion

Press Release

Location: Webster, TX

Former U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman, the Republican nominee for the U.S. House in the 36th District, warned the Kountze Independent School District Wednesday to listen to citizens and restore the right of religious expression at school events. Stockman is organizing citizen opposition to the ban on religion.

"I will not allow school officials to ban religion like we're in San Francisco or something. The First Amendment is clear. Government officials cannot legally ban religion. Kountze ISD is setting itself up for an expensive courtroom loss," warned Stockman.

"I am consulting with constitutional experts to see what legal action may be taken against Kountze ISD. Banning religion is a direct assault on our founding principles. This is East Texas, not San Francisco. The superintendent can either overturn his ban on religion, or pack his bags," said Stockman.

School administrators banned run-through banners at football games that display religious messages, after receiving one complaint about a banner that paraphrased the Bible.

While government-directed religious expression is legally troublesome, religious expression by students themselves is protected by the First Amendment.

"We can't allow one bully to strip thousands of citizens of a constitutionally-protected right to engage in religious expression," said Stockman. "The superintendent cowered to the East Coast ACLU liberals."

Stockman is urging citizens, specially those in the Kountze ISD, to contact the school board at 409-246-3352 and to urge administrators to overturn the speech ban. Kountze is in the 36th Congressional District.

"Congress' job is to protect citizens from abuse by government officials. If school administrators will not repeal the ban, we will repeal the administrators," said Stockman.

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