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Tsongas Addresses Haverhill Women in Business Conference


Location: Lawrence, MA

On Monday, September 24, keynote speaker Congresswoman Niki Tsongas addressed the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Conference. The annual event, this year held at the Phoenician Restaurant in Haverhill, brings together women in business and leadership positions throughout the region.

"Much as my colleagues in Congress and I are able to explore avenues that our male counterparts may not always consider, like how program cuts will affect women, you are able to respond to your customers' needs, see the potential for new markets, and explore other opportunities that your male colleagues might miss," said Congresswoman Tsongas. "That is why I'm happy to see each and every one of you here today because I believe that it is your perspectives that are needed to help us continue to confront these challenges."

Congresswoman Tsongas discussed her efforts to support legislation important to women and families, her outlook and ideas for business growth and improving the economy, and ways the Federal Government can assist and support the business community, and women-owned businesses.

"I always say to women who are interested in political office, "If women don't run, women can't win.' That is as true in business as it is in politics. If women don't succeed in business, our national economy is deprived of the different perspectives, ideas, and insights necessary to remain globally competitive."

Congresswoman Tsongas also discussed the impact that impending economic matters, left unresolved by the Republican Congressional leadership, could have on the region and the nation.

"As you know, this coming January, a number of provisions in federal law are either expiring or coming into effect which, together, are being called the "fiscal cliff.' Some you've no doubt being pay close attention to--like the expiration of the Bush tax cuts--while others have been getting less press coverage but could still have a dramatic impact on our economy," Tsongas said. "That is why I have joined my colleagues in several bipartisan efforts behind a balanced proposal, urging both sides to put all options on the table to stave off disaster. Even as the cliff now looms, I still believe such a budget proposal is both possible and necessary, and take some hope from the news last week that both sides are starting talks toward a balanced plan totaling $4 trillion in deficit reduction. A balanced plan is fair but also the only realistic option over the short- and long-term."

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